The ResTrim range is a complete set of superior pre-formed GRP trims the detailing of roofs and balconies. Unlike other trims in the market, ResTrims are made to be robust, tough and create a perfect detailing finish. The products are available to buy from a wide range of stockists across the UK and Ireland.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Robust build that is resistant to damage
  • Creates a neat, streamline edge detail for any roof or balcony
  • Can be used for decorative finishes such as lead roll effect
  • Easy to install with consistent jointing
  • An integral part of the GRP Roof 1010 System and compatible with other fibreglass systems
  • Unique pre-formed GRP accessories inlcuding through wall outlets and pipe collars – prodviding an easy solution for tricky details

ResTrims Edge & Detailing Trims

Drip – 65mm (A170)
Drip – 90mm (A200)
Upstand Fascia – 105mm (B230)
Upstand Fascia – 125mm (B260)
Wall Fillet (D260)
Long Leg Wall Fillet (D300)
Cover Flashing (C100)
Corners (C1)
Flat Sheet – 300mm (F300)
Short External Angle (AT150EXT)
Long External Angle (AT275EXT)
Short Internal Angle (AT170INT)
Long Internal Angle (AT220INT)
Standing Seam (ER15)
Lead Roll (ER35-40)
Expansion Trim (E280)
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ResTrims GRP Accessories

Through Wall Outlet – 150mmm x 150mm Apeture
Through Wall Outlet – 100mmm x 100mm Apeture
Flat Roof Outlet – to fit 110mm downpipe
Pipe Collar – to fit 110mm pipe

Purchasing ResTrims

The ResTrim range available from a network of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest stockist, please complete the quick contact form here or call us on 0845 4504 193.

We will then provide you with details of your local stockist who can supply you with the full range and answer any questions you may have about your roofing project.

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We value our stockists

We value every one of our stockists – big or small, near or far. We’re prepared to go that extra mile to offer a quality service every single time. If you’re interested in stocking ResTrims then get in touch using this form or call us on 0845 4504 193.

When you chose to partner with Res-Tec you will receive:

  • A quality, fit for purpose product range that will keep the demand on your resources to a minimum. The less cost involved with handling after-sale issues, the greater your return on investment.
  • Established delivery logistics capable of delivering any size order promptly and consistently.
  • You will be partnering with a manufacturer that understands the market and what it takes to succeed within it.
  • You are assured to receive a consistently high-quality product every time.
  • We have the infrastructure, resources and experience to offer after sale support and training services tailored to your requirements.

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