GRP 505 is a cost effective general purpose Polyester resin in styrene. The resin is pre-accelerated and thixotropic. GRP 505 can be used for a range of applications where basic moulding and/or waterproofing properties are required. The product is available to buy from stockists across the UK and Ireland.

Polyester resin system for a range of applications

  • Made in the UK from raw materials to specification everytime – never reblended or re-constituted resin
  • Low cost polyester resin in styrene
  • Suitable for non-critical laminating and casting applications
  • Fast wetting out of chopped strand mat (fibreglass)
  • Can be applied to inclined or vertical surfaces
  • Requires MEKP catalyst to harden
  • Cures to a low tack
  • Pre-pigmented top coat (gel coat) resin

GRP 505 Resins & Components

Base resin (20kg)
Topcoat resin (20kg)
MEKP catalyst
CSM (fibreglass) reinforcement

Typical Application Tools

Application roller
Paddle roller
Mixing bucket
Trimming knife

Purchasing GRP 505

GRP 505 General Purpose Resin is available from a network of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest stockist, please complete the quick contact form here or call us on 0845 4504 193.

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