Speciality Resins for Composites

At Res-Tec, we have the expertise and resources to deliver a speciality resin produced to your exact requirements. Everything we make is developed and manufactured in the UK to ISO9001 and 14001 standards to ensure you receive a quality product with low environmental impact.

No project is too small or complex for our technical team, so get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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Other Products

High quality fibreglass CSM rolls and bandages in various weights and sizes

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A range of extra-tough pre-formed GRP trims and accessories

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A low-cost polyester resin ideal for a range of laminating and casting applications.

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Res-Tec Roofing Systems

Res-Tec Roofing systems manufacture a range of high quality, fit for purpose roofing solutions including the ultra-versatile Flexitec 2020 System and the extra-tough GRP Roof 1010 system.

For more information about our range of roofing systems and accessoires please visit www.restecroofing.co.uk